Bye Android Dark Sky Weather App

So Android users today said Goodbye to the Dark Sky – Hyperlocal weather app. The Dark Sky app has become very popular with users over the past 8 years, giving users alerts for impending precipitation with an intuitive interface, which is usually eerily accurate.

Setting Up Corp Zoom Account

Zoom offers cloud based video conferencing. The company offers both individual and corporate accounts. Today’s post will go over the steps required to set up Zoom if you are a corporate account users.


Update: Xbox One S Digital Deal

Last weekend, we brought up a number of deals for the Xbox One S and One X. It seems the pricing on one of those deals is now even better. The Xbox One S 1TB All Digital Edition is now $15 cheaper then last weekend. Today’s post has the details.


If you have purchased a laptop recently, you realize that most only come with 1, maybe 2 (if lucky) USB-C ports. If you have a need for regular USB, HDMI, or anything else, you need to purchase an adapter or in many cases adapters.  Today’s post is a review of the UNI USB-C Hub that is on the Tech Geek …