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Celine Dion Has Died – Another Facebook Scam

One of the most common social engineering tricks that the bad guys use to trick people into clicking onto scams involves using “sensational headlines”. From car crashes, to a famous person naked, to the death of a famous person, there is something about the message that makes at least a portion of the social media user base click to find out details. Of course the bad guys go out of their way to make the message look like its comes from a legit source and will fill in details that “could” just be possible.

The latest famous person to killed on social media is Celine Dion. Over the past couple of days people on Facebook have been coming across messages that appear to be from “Breaking News” from either CNN or Fox News announcing the supposed death of the singer. The message in fact will install a rogue Facebook app on your account.

If you happen to come across these messages, rest assured that Celine Dion is still alive, and you should inform the person who posted the message that their account has been compromised. By clicking on the message a rogue app installs on your Facebook account that posts continues posting these messages on your wall. For those who just couldn’t help it and clicked on the message you can use the follow steps to clean up your Facebook account.

Removing Apps In Facebook

How do I remove a game or app that I’ve downloaded?

All the apps you use are listed in the My Apps page of your App Center. Remove an app by hovering over its name or icon and clicking the X that appears on the right.

You can also remove an app from your Settings. To do this:

  1. Click the wheel icon (as seen below)at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Account Settings
  2. From the menu in the left column, select Apps
  3. Click X to the right of any app you’d like to remove

Once you confirm you’d like to remove the app, it should no longer be able to post to your timeline. Past stories from the app may still be on your timeline.

  • Once you remove the Rogue app from your Facebook account, your through your Timeline (not the newsfeed) and delete any posts that the rogue app may have made.

Source:  Removing App In Facebook

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