Classic Skype Is Not Dead Yet

This post goes out to all of those “Old School” folks that use Skype, and who were dreading the impending death of Skype 7.0 (AKA Classic Skype). Per Microsoft’s previous statements, as of September 1st, everyone was going to be required to move to the newest version of Skype. Well that so did not go over well with a large part of the Skype user base. Now that users voices have been heard and Classic Skype Is Not Dead Yet

What Originally Happened To Skype Classic 

Originally Skype Classic was supposed to meet its untimely death on September 1st, 2018. Based on a post by Microsoft in July, it was going to force all users to move to the “Next Generation” Skype by that day and “Retire” the classic version.

Skype Classic Shutdown

Here is the rub, a large (and I do mean LARGE) part of the Skype user base out right HATES the “next generation” version of Skype, and they made sure Microsoft heard them. If you look at the (as of this post) 56 pages of comments on the announcement itself, the grand majority of the comments basically told Microsoft what it could go do with itself if they retired classic Skype.

What Did The Skype User Base Say 

Like I said there are 56 pages worth of comments. Here are just a couple of very interesting ones from Skype users.

Skype user comment 1

Another user said

Skype user comment 2

And Now The Retreat (For Now) 

With all of the complaining about the new Skype. With the comments that it lacks enough essential features, that are currently found in the other version, Microsoft reverses course.  As seen in the Skype Forum “Based on customer feedback….”

Skype Classic Lives

The only question is, how long is this reprieve? Microsoft left the status of Skype Classic very much open.


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