Deal Alert: Nikon School Online Is Free

For the photographer, or person who wants to learn about photography, there is a deal for you. In April, Nikon is offering all Online classes free. Today’s post will go over what Nikon is offering Deal Alert: Nikon School Online Is Free

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Free Online Class Streaming

As Nikon puts it, From beginner to advanced, take your photography to the next level with a Nikon School online course.” If you are an advanced skill photographer or just a weekend hobbyist, Nikon School has a course for you. Usually the courses are individually priced, for prices up to $50 for an individual course. However, for the month of April, Nikon has announced on its Nikon School Online that visitors can 

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According to Nikon School Online page,

“Nikon’s mission has always been to empower creators. In these uncertain times, we can do that by helping creators stay inspired, engaged and growing. That’s why we’re providing all of our courses free for the entire month of April. Let’s come out of this even better.”

Nikon Online Classes Include

There are many subjects included in the Nikon School Online, some of the which include classes on how to get the most out of Nikon equipment, like the “Getting Started with Your Nikon DSLR class”

Nikon Class 1

To classed about “Photographing Children and Pets”, which can be something to benefit everyone, not just Nikon product owners.

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  • The full list of Nikon classes can be see, if you scroll down on the Nikon School Online page.

To Access The Nikon Online

For you to access the Nikon School Online, from the main page, click on the video play arrow on the top box.

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  • On the pop up window that appears, fill in your info and select Start Watching. NOTE: If you don’t want to get emails from Nikon, make sure to uncheck the box, before clicking Start Watching.

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  • Once you have filled in your info and clicked Start Watching, you will be shown the listed online class videos.

Nikon classes

  • Pick your class and enjoy

Final Thought

Some of the classes have to do with specific Nikon products, but not all. From a professional to novice. these classes should help make your photography skills that much better. Thank You to Nikon for offering these classes for FREE, during our difficult times (COVID-19 for anyone who sees this in the future).


Deal Alert: Nikon School Online Is Free






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