Deal Alert: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Later today (6-9-19), Microsoft will have their Xbox E3 Briefing (starting at 1p PT). During that briefing, it is expected that Microsoft will officially announce the details of their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offerings. However, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate page has gone live, for those paying attention. Today’s post will cover the Deal Alert: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

What We Know About XGP Ultimate (So Far)

We have had Xbox Live since 2002, and in 2017 Xbox Game Pass joined the offerings from Microsoft. As part of Xbox Live, we have Gold for those who pay for the service, which gets you 2 free games each month. At the same time, Xbox Game Pass is considered the Netflix of gaming offering over 100 games each month playable on demand.  The issue is that up until now the 2 services were stand alone and you had to pay for them individually.  With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it looks like Microsoft is trying to combine the best of both services into 1 package.

Deal For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Now here is the deal for those looking to get their services combined. If you have already paid for Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold, then the prepaid time you have left will count towards your Ultimate subscription.

Here is the best example

  • You have prepaid Xbox Live Gold until November of 2019
  • You have prepaid Xbox Game Pass until August 2019

That would mean you have 7 months of total prepaid time (between both services), well Microsoft will credit you 7 months towards the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. So your next Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription payment wouldn’t be until Feb 2020.

If you sign up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and then check your subscriptions, you will find that your subscription will show the updated version, and list when your next payment is….

As well as list Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass under cancelled subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

If you have Xbox Live Gold / Xbox Game Pass, getting this deal is a no-brainer. If nothing else, get the deal now, and just make sure you go into your subscription and turn off auto renew. That way you can enjoy the deal now and decide if you want to pay for it later.


Deal Alert: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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