Deal: Xbox Game Pass On Sale Amazon

If you or someone you know is an Xbox Gamer, then Amazon has a deal for you. Amazon has the 3 month version of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on sale. Today’s post will cover the details on the deal. Deal: Xbox Game Pass On Sale Amazon


For starters, if you are not familiar with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offering from Microsoft, it give you access to games for both the Xbox console, and for Windows 10 pc’s.

About Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft used to have 2 offerings for the Xbox gamer. The offerings were the Xbox Live Service which gave those members 4 free games (2 for Xbox One and 2 for Xbox 360) each month and Game Pass which gave those members access an online game library. In 2019, Microsoft combined the 2 offerings and came up with the Xbox Game Pass. With the Game Pass Ultimate offering, you now get 4 free games a month you can download (which is the Xbox Live Service) and over 100 games you can access both on the Xbox console and on a Windows 10 machine.

The Offer from Amazon

The offer as posted on Amazon has the 3 Month Membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $24.99, which is a $20 savings. For comparison, the 1 month membership is $14.99 (and that is not on sale).

Xbox Game Pass Sale Amazon

As well as the monthly free games, and the 100 console and pc games you can play,Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you “exclusive member deals and discounts up to 20% off games in the Xbox Game Pass library, plus up to 10% off related game add-ons and consumables.” Another thing to note, you can buy more then one of the 3 month memberships and add them to your system. Usually to get a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate it cost $180, but if you buy 4 of these memberships, you will get the year of membership for only $100. 

The offer comes as a digital code, which means you will receive a code online that you can enter either on the Xbox console or online by logging into the Xbox account used by the gamer and adding the code there.

xbox code redeem

Final Thoughts

This deal has happened on Amazon before, but it isn’t very common. If you have a gamer in your life, and you want to give them a gift they will love, here is the deal for you.


Deal: Xbox Game Pass On Sale Amazon




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