Direct Message On Web Instagram

For those who like to stay in touch via The Gram, you now have a new tool at your disposal. Instagram has added the ability to direct message users from the website. Today’s post is a quick FYI to being able to DM from The Gram. Direct Message On Web Instagram

It had been know that Instagram has been testing a direct message option for the website, however that option was limited to a small test group. Well if you visit Instagram now, we are now past the test group and everyone now seems to have the option to direct message. If you prefer a keyboard to type, and are a heavy Instagram user, this is your dream come true. 

DM From The Gram

To be able to direct message from Instagram is easy.  Log into Instagram and then look at the top right of the page.  You will find

Instagram iconsamong the icons, the 2nd icon (from left to right) as the Direct Message icon. Once you click on the DM icon, you will be taken to the DM page for Instagram.

Insta DM Page

Note for Windows 10 app users, that this DM update applies to you as well.

Final Thought

For the IG power users, this is GREAT! That includes businesses that like to use IG to publicize themselves, as this allows for another way for the business to communicate with its customer base.  So for ones, Thank You to Facebook (who owns IG), for this feature add.



Direct Message On Web Instagram

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