FYI – Presidential Alert System Test (USA)

FYI to all those in the USA with a cell phone, which basically includes the entire population over the age of 3.

Presidential Alert System Test (USA)

Today at approximately 2:18p  (EDT) / 11:18a (PDT) virtually all cell phones in the US will receive a test message from FEMA, to test the Presidential Alert system. The question I keep getting over the past couple of days, “How do you opt out from getting this alert”.  There are ways to opt out of other alerts (see How to Opt Out of Emergency Alerts), but Presidential Alerts (controlled by FEMA) are not included in the opt out option. There is no way to opt out of receiving this FEMA test message.  The message you will receive on your phone

“THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

According to various reports, this test message will override your silent settings on your phone. I can’t confirm the override to silent setting, but you may wanted to take precautions, in case you are somewhere (like work/school), where you shouldn’t have your phone make noise.

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