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Updated: FYI – Yes FB Is Having Issues

7:45p (ET) Update: Humanity can return to it’s posts of Meme’s and Selfies. Officially Facebook has announced that the issues have now been resolved. Via Twitter – Facebook has announced

Facebook July 2019

In addition, Instagram has also announce

Instagram July 2019

6:25p (ET) Update: As of the past few minutes, it does look like FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc are starting to recover. Officially FB has yet to update anything, but people have been posting messages saying that it appears to be working now

FB Recovery July 2019

For now, just keep hitting refresh.

5:30p (ET) Update:  The issue Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc are facing is indeed still NOT fixed.  No new updates from FB over the status in the past few hours.

OK You are NOT crazy, if you are trying to use Facebook, Instagram, and the other apps owned by Facebook and are having difficulty. Facebook and it’s properties are currently having what is being called a “Degraded Performance” issue. This post will cover what we know so far. FYI – Yes FB Is Having Issues 

What Is Going On

It seems that for the past couple of hours, Facebook and its app properties (like WhatsApp and Instagram), are having an issue with degraded performance.  What that means is that you will be able to log in, but the app may then be slow in responding or when it opens pictures may not fully download

FB load issue

Basically what you will see will look like the picture (above) with the arrow.

What Is Facebook Reporting

According to the developers page on Facebook, this issue is considered a partial outage.

FB Platform Status 1

And according to the details, Facebook is investigating “degraded performance across our platform API endpoints”.

FB Outage 2

The API endpoints, is what allows the apps to get the data it shows. Since its a degraded performance issue, what is why you can get in to the app but things aren’t working “as expected”.  So far Facebook doesn’t show an ETA for a solution.

Will update when we know more.


Facebook – Facebook Developers Page

FYI – Yes FB Is Having Issues


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