Gaming: Nintendo Switch Online Pre-Sale

Those with an Xbox are very familiar with Xbox Live Gold or for Playstation with the Playstation Network. It’s now time for those with an Nintendo Switch to get familiar with the Nintendo Switch Online.  The Nintendo Switch Online Network is slated to launch in September of 2018, after being officially announced earlier in 2018.  Today’s post will cover some of the details, including how you can pre-order now order your membership. Gaming: Nintendo Switch Online Pre-Sale 

Nintendo Switch Online

About The Nintendo Switch Online Service 

With all the money that Microsoft and Sony make from their online services, it was not really a surprise when Nintendo announced it was joining by offering online services for the Nintendo Switch early in 2018.  From the announcement

Nintendo Online Announcement

Pricing for the Nintendo Switch Online pricing is actually very reasonable if you compare it to the Sony and Microsoft offering.  With the year plans being $19.99 for individual memberships and $34.99 for the family plan (that covers up to 8 total people).

Nintendo Switch Online Pricing

How To Pre-Order The Nintendo Switch Online Service 

Where else but Amazon would you expect to see pre-order sales these days.  So amazon has now posted the pre-order pages for the 12 month and the 3 month individual membership plans. On the Amazon page, you will see that it lists available December 31, 2018.  That is standard operating procedure for Amazon when it does not have an actual office confirmed date of availability.

Switch Online Yr Amazon

For those new to Amazon and the Digital Code, when you purchase from Amazon (and the product becomes available), you will receive an email from Amazon listing the code you will enter on your device to activate (or renew) your service.

Final Thoughts 

Since this is a new service, a lot of questions still remain to be answered, however this is Nintendo, with their experience they should be up to speed on Day 1.


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