Get Kinect Adapter For Xbox One S Free

I’ll start this post by saying the Free offer from Microsoft is only good if you have can say yes to all of the following

  • I own an Original Xbox One with a Kinect
  • I now own an Xbox One S

If you can’t say yes to both of those then this offer from Microsoft is NOT for you. If you are still reading then you said yes to both questions, and you have an original Xbox One with a Kinect and you are upgrading to the Xbox One S.  The Xbox One S does not come by default with a Kinect sensor, but the if you have one from the original Xbox One, it works just fine on the One S console.Get Kinect Adapter For Xbox One S Free


The problem is that the One S console does NOT have the connection port for the Kinect and you need to have an adapter to use the Kinect. The adapter is available for sale, usually found for $50 to $60 bucks depending where you go to shop, as shown by the listing (below) from eBay.

Kinect Adapter Ebay

However, as posted in the Questions at the beginning of this post, if you have an original Xbox One and just bought the New Xbox One S, Microsoft is offering to send you the needed adapter for FREE.  YEP Zero, Nothing, Nada, Zilch.

So How Do You Get The Adapter For Free from Microsoft 

It’s a couple of steps but they are fairly simple. They are the following

  1. Get the serial number of all 3 devices
  • Kinect Serial Number = 12 digit number at the bottom of the Kinect (below the barcode)
  • Xbox One Serial Number = number located on a sticker under the console
  • Xbox One S Serial Number = number located on the back of the console.

2. Visit the Microsoft Registration Site –

Keep in mind when you visit the registration page, it will say Device Repair, that one of the options but not what you are looking to do. Just sign in with your Microsoft Account / Xbox Account.  Once signed in you will be able to fill in the forms to register all 3 of your devices.

Microsoft Device Reg Page3.  Finally visit the Microsoft Support page –

From here you can request the adapter from support. Note the hours for a support call back.

Microsoft support page

Once you make the request, it seems to be taking about 3 weeks to get the adapter.

Geeky Side Note 

The adapter is the same adapter that can be used with Windows 10 pc’s.  So if you want to be geeky and test your Kinect on your pc, you can with this adapter.  There isn’t many things you can do with Kinect on Windows, which is why this is listed as a Geeky side note.



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