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Hoax Alert – John Amos Is NOT Dead

In 2016, we had a large number of celebrity deaths, from Prince to Princess Leia (Carrie fisher). For some reason, a website has decided to post a hoax celebrity death to start 2017. That hoax has now started making the rounds on Facebook. The hoax appears to be attributed to a post (as shown below) on a questionable site.

Since the site, put their post up, many posts have been making the rounds on Facebook, saying #RIP to Mr. Amos.

Mr. Amos, who is known for his role on the 70s tv hit, Good Times, and his roles in the movies Coming To America and Die Hard 2, among is many acting credits has had to resort to his Facebook page, to thank people for their concerns about the hoax.

So Mr. Amos is alive. Happy New Year.

A quick note on this post.
  • We did show a screenshot of the story in question, that is believed to be the source of the hoax. However, we are not linking to the “questionable” site, as we do NOT wish to give them any additional legitimacy by linking to them.


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