How To: Find The PC Serial Number – Windows

Most Windows machines have a sticker at the bottom of the machine that shows manufacturing date and serial number. However, those stickers tend to fade or fall off the machine. Today’s post will review an option for getting your serial number when the sticker is no longer able to be used. How To: Find The PC Serial Number – Windows

Comp SN Label

There are many reasons for needing to have the serial number for your computer. From updates to seeing if you qualify for warranty repair, the serial number matters.

However, if the sticker is missing or faded beyond being able to read, you are not out of luck. The following is a simple way of getting the serial number information from your computer.

Finding The Serial Number Within Windows 

If the sticker fades or disappears, the easiest way to get your serial number information would be via the command prompt.  In Windows 10, to access the command prompt (CMD), click on the magnifying glass just to the right of the start menu. (**If you are still on Windows 7, press Windows key + R)

  • In the search window that appears, type CMD and you will get the choice to select Command Prompt.

W10 CMD Prompt










  • Once you select it and the CMD window opens, you will need to type

    wmic bios get serialnumber

W10 CMD Serial Num





The information that appears will list the Serial Number of your machine.

CMD Serial 0





If you get a 0 or a message about “To be filled by O.E.M”, that means that whoever built your computer didn’t include that info. The number will only appear here if the PC manufacturer saved it to your computer’s BIOS or UEFI firmware

Final Thought

For some reason, Microsoft has never had Windows display the computer serial number anywhere within Windows. In addition, neither do any of the popular system information tools show the Windows serial number.  Hopefully, these easy CMD steps help if you need the serial number information.

How To: Find The PC Serial Number – Windows

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