How To: Fix Office Install Error 0-1018

While trying to do an office reinstall, on a windows pc, came across an issue. During the install process, the install would crash and give an Error Code: 0-1018 (0). No matter how many times we tried to do the reinstall, the same error would happen. Eventually we figured out what the issue was and that is what will be covering in today’s post How To: Fix Office Install Error 0-1018

So What Is Error 0-1018 During Office Install 

It seems that there are 2 scenarios that could trigger error code 0-1018 (0) from happening. The scenarios are

  • if you uninstall and then try to reinstall office
  • if during your initial install, it fails before it completes

Office Error 1018

In both cases, the cause of the error is due to parts of a previous install still being on the computer, and the new install can not over write the files that are still on the computer.  So how do you fix this error?

To Fix Error 0-1018

It seems this error is more common that what you would think, since Microsoft has released a download specifically for the complete removal of any office files from the pc.  To get the file go to the Uninstall Office from a PC page, scroll to the middle of the page and find Option 2

office uninstall

and download the tool.  Once you download it, click on the took to run it.  Once it starts you will see the main page of the tool. Just click Next.

office uninstall tool

Depending on what it finds, it may prompt you one more time, that it found additional files.  If you see that 2nd prompt, just select next on that prompt too.  Once it completes it will tell you its done, just click finish.

At that point, you should be able to install Microsoft Office on your pc.  This tool works for all versions of Office start with Office 2010 to the current version.


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