How To: iOS Time Limit Message

I’ve been asked about a message that keeps popping up on an iPhone. The message says Time Limit – You’ve reached your limit on Messenger. If you are seeing that message as well, today’s post will explain what it is and how to address it. How To: iOS Time Limit Messageapple-logoThe message in question – Time Limit – You’ve reached your limit, is part of the Screen Time feature, that was added with iOS12. The screen time feature Apple added monitors how much you use specific apps and your phone in general. As part of the feature, It lets you set limits, so you can track your usage and maybe even curb your social media use or resist the urge to use your phone when you just shouldn’t (IE – In the middle of the night).

Adding or Removing The Time Limit Message

The screen time feature can be found in the settings section on the iPhone or iPad. So to access it go to settings and do the following

  • From Settings -> Select Screen Time

iOS Screen Time Setting

  • Once you are on the Screen Time window, select App Limits

iOS Screen Time

  • Now when you select App Limits, the next window will show anything that is already programmed with an App Limit message, and also give you the option to add another program to the App Limit alerts.

iOS App Limit w/Choice

  • If you are adding another item, click Add Limit, and you will get to choice which program you will to add.

iOS App Limit add list

  • In the case of already getting the Time Limit – You’ve reached your limit, the items that are programmed will be listed, just click on the item that you wish to remove the alert. When the window for the item opens, you will see it listed and see a choice for Delete Limit.  Just click delete to remove the item from the App Limits.

iOS App Limit Delete

Final Thought

The App Limit function doesn’t actually block you from using your machine, the intention is to enlighten the users (or the parents of the user), to knowing when you may just be on your device just a little bit to much. The actual functionality is up to you once you are told how long you have been on an app, or using your device. It’s up to you to put your device down.

How To: iOS Time Limit Message

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