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How Legit Is The Facebook Malware Cleanup Message

As a tech, one of the most common questions I get about Facebook concerns people who get a pop up while on Facebook that their system needs to be cleaned. The question usually consists of “I got a message about my computer being infect on Facebook, is that message legit”.

In 2014, Facebook partnered with F-Secure, Trend Micro and ESET to give Facebook visitors who have computers that show signs of being infected a way to clean their computers.

Here’s how it works: if the device you’re using to access our services is behaving suspiciously and shows signs of a possible malware infection, a message will appear offering you an anti-malware scan for your device. You can run the scan, see the scan results, and disable the software all without logging out of Facebook—making it seamless and easy to clean up an infected device.

It’s helpful that Facebook is trying to help its users keep their computers malware free, however, the problem is that most people haven’t been conditioned to think any offers from Facebook are fake. Everyone who uses Facebook has heard of a death hoax post, apps that lets you track who unfriended you, or free tickets to somewhere.

Even though the offer to clean your pc, is a legit offer from Facebook, it’s still a good idea to be skeptical and do your research before you agree to anything you see on Facebook, or anywhere on the web for that matter.


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