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Mark Zuckerberg To Speak In Front Of The EU

As ingrained as Facebook is to the world, and after all of the events involving Facebook in the past year, whenever Mark Zuckerberg speaks people listen. In this case, Mark Zuckerberg will be speaking and taking questions in front of the EP (European Parliament) today (May 22, 2018).

The conference with Zuck and the EP is scheduled to start at 18:20 (UTC+2), which for those who have a hard time UTC time that translates to
  • Tokyo – 1:20a (May 23rd)
  • Paris – 6:20p
  • London – 5:20p
  • New York – 12:20p
  • Los Angeles – 9:20a

The event will be streamed on the EP site – EP Conference of Presidents with Mark ZUCKERBERG – founder and CEO of Facebook


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