News: New Broadway Streaming Service In May

For those who visit New York, going to a Broadway show is usually on the to-do list. For those who are fans of Broadway, even if you aren’t in NY, there is a new service coming Mid-May, that will let you enjoy the Best of Broadway.  The new service, Broadway On Demand, will be offering wide-range of Broadway content.  Today’s post will go over some of the details.

NYC Night

The New Broadway On Demand Service

As of now, not to many details are known about the service. From what is known, the service is expected to offer more than 100 archived shows from around the world, and a library of video lessons from leading theater instructors. The service is expected to have a selection of free content, in addition to a Premium Option that for a small monthly fee will offer live streams, and special performances.

For those interested in getting early access, you can visit the Broadway on Demand site, and sign up for early access.

Broadway On Demand Preview


News: New Broadway Streaming Service In May

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