Parents Watch Out For The Momo Challenge

Once you think you have heard of the craziest/scariest/dangerous challenge going around the internet something else even worse comes along. From the tide pod challenge, condom challenge, kiki challenge, inmyfeelings challenge, crazy, scary, and dangerous just seems to be a normal thing. The latest challenge that seems to be spreading, now comes from a warning, Parents Watch Out For The Momo Challenge. 

About The Momo Challenge 

The Momo challenge seems to be spreading via WhatsApp and Facebook. Some of the characteristics

  • Because of some of the things that happen during the challenge and that it seems to be focused at teenagers, the Momo challenge can be considered more of a suicide challenge.
  • The Disturbing Challenge Begins When People Contact a Momo WhatsApp Profile, Who Later Threatens to Curse Those Who Don’t Respond & Sends Terrifying Tasks
  • During the Momo Challenge, Users May Be Threatened Into Obeying Tasks & Hurting Themselves
  • Per the BBC, The game has been reported in Mexico, Argentina, the U.S., France, and Germany,
  • Per the Buenos Aires Times, police in Argentina suspect that the suicide of a 12 yr old may be linked to the Momo challenge.
News Report On The Momo Challenge (via WABC NY)

What Can Parents Do 

Per a statement that WhatsApp sent to Fox News

“WhatsApp cares deeply about the safety of our users,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said, in a statement emailed to Fox News. “It’s easy to block any phone number and we encourage users to report problematic messages to us so we can take action.”



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