PSA – Don’t Do Those Social Media Question Posts

Everyone who is on social media has seen them at some point.  The “this looks like fun, answer the following questions” posts, that are regularly seen on your social media feeds. This post will review why you shouldn’t be answering the questions. Don’t Do Those Social Media Question

If you are a regular on any of the social media channels, especially Facebook, we are pretty sure you have seen friends/family or even you have answered those 10 or 20 question quizzes asking stupid things like favorite vacation spot, or what is the name of your pet. The post usually starts with “I need a CV19 break” or “This looks like fun” and asks a lot of questions. There is a concern if you actually answer the questions

The Quiz / The Issue

The quiz usually has anywhere from 10 to 30 questions, and you usually get tagged by someone you know saying “I answered these, you should to”…. and because of the way these quizzes are written you may not pay attention to what you are answering. Even though you should be.  Here are a couple examples

  • The I need the CV19 break that has 20 questions, and the 4th question is “Where did you live?

Quiz sample 1

Or in the “I answered this, you should to” quiz, getting asked your Dog’s names.

Quiz Sample 2

As your answering these questions, you are probably not asking yourself, what is my password to my bank account, or credit card, or work account. However, you should be as how many of you use your pets name, your kids name, among your passwords or those recovery questions that some sites still use?

There is a lot of information about each person already online, answering these quizzes just put more of your info into the public.

I believe that The Texas A&M Division of IT explained it best

Social Media Questions

“Stop Giving People Your Personal Info To Guess Your Passwords and Security Questions”

Final Thought

If you value your security, DO NOT answer those quizzes. Simple as that.


PSA – Don’t Do Those Social Media Question Posts

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