Scam: Fake McDonald’s Free Big Mac

The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, comes in to play with today’s post. McDonald’s is not giving away Free Big Mac Meals, contrary to the emails, and/or social media posts you may have seen. Details on latest online survey scam that is making the rounds. Scam: Fake McDonald’s Free Big Mac

The Scam – 2 Free Big Mac Meals

So who wouldn’t want 2 FREE Big Mac Meals. The word FREE has a way to get people’s attention. The scam is easy

McDonalds Scam

The scam follows these steps

  • Find someone to fall for scam and click on link
  • Get that person to answer some random questions that mean nothing but make the user believe this is legit

McD scam survey

  • After completing survey, comes 1st goal. Try and get the user to help spread the scam. If a scam is shared by someone, then its more likely to be believed by the friends/family who receive it.

McDs Scam share

Once the scam is shared, the you can click on Claim Two Free Meals, and give your details. If you don’t share the page, you get an error that forces you to share the scam before you can continue.

McD scam message

Then if you share the post and click on the Claim Two Free Meals, you will get prompted to fill in your info

– Address
– Telephone number
– Date of Birth
– Email Address

and in some cases, you will even be asked for your credit card, for them to “credit you the purchase”.

Think about that, do you really want to give up that info?

Simple Steps To Know If An Offer Is Legit

No business has “hidden” offers that they only place on strange random sites. So if you want to make sure if a post about a coupon is real, go to the company site first. If the company is actually running a special or an offer, it will be likely posted on their page.

McD legit offer

Final Thought

Remember, just because it is seen on social media, does NOT mean its real.  This is the case, even if its sent to you by a family or friend. If you happen to get one of these scam offers, NEVER click on it. There are many sites online, from Hoax-Slayer, to Snoops, to us here at Tech Geek and More who will list scams.  Just do your homework, so you don’t fall for the scam.


Scam: Fake McDonald’s Free Big Mac

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