Scam: Fake Southwest Air post on FB

The internet is littered with fake posts and stories. Just came across another fake one, and this time it’s a fake ticket Facebook post claiming to be Southwest Airlines. Today’s post will show you the simple things to look out for. Scam: Fake Southwest Air post on FBScam-514x308

Fake posts online are as common as rush hour traffic in any major city. Before the internet, most fake stories involved aliens or Elvis being alive and they were found at the check out line of the supermarket. The thing was everyone, unless you were like 6, knew they were fake.  In this day and age on the internet, these fake stories and posts are common and those who post them want you to think they are real. From posts claiming a supermarket is giving away a free coupon, to fake emails asking trying to get you to give up some info, its a daily thing for anyone online. The latest post, just seen on Facebook, is trying to get people to believe they can get free airline tickets.

The Fake Southwest Airline Post 

The post claims to be a Southwest Airline promotion, that is you share the post and then go to a link they are showing that you could be one of 500 people to win tickets anywhere SWA flys.  The problem is that this is not an actual promotion and the fake post is just trying to get you to give up your info.

Fake southwest FB

So How Can You Tell Its Fake 

  • One of the 1st signs that it is fake is the link on the post. If the post is from Southwest, the link should be at or  It won’t be from some random site like the one showing on this post.
  • Another sign is to check the grammar on the post. If the language sounds like it came from a language translation site, WARNING WARNING!!! For as many jokes as can be said, legit posts get reviewed many times by many departments, so spelling and wording should be spelled correctly and make sense. In this post, “500 people who shares and comments…”

We are currently operating all our flights 24/7 and we know due to Covid-19 money is tighter more than ever! So we have decided to show our continued appreciation support to our loyal customers by awarding 500 people who shares and comments by 11 PM Tonight with a free round trip flight of their desired destination. – After visit to validate your entry.

  • And 3rd, check the FB page that the post is from. This is the FB page of the fake post. It’s supposed to be the SWA site, but where is the website listing, where is the phone number? How many posts, other than the fake promo are listed? If this is a major company like SWA, shouldn’t there be 100s upon 100s of posts?  Not just 3 all about the same fake contest. Besides, this is SWA one of the biggest airlines in the USA, and 12k people total like them?

Fake SWA FB post

Now here is the real FB page for SWA, with over 6 million likes, and the phone number and website info for SWA, plus 100s of various posts.

Real SWA FB Page

If You Go To The Link On The Fake Post 

If you were to click on the link you will be taken to a page with a lovely picture of a Southwest Airlines plane, that still doesn’t mean its legit. Of course, you need to Validate Entry, so you click it.

fake SWA page 1

That will take you to a page where you will get prompted with never-ending questions, followed by you giving up your info. Full Name, Email Address, Location…..things that you should not be given out randomly.

fake SWA page 2

And if you think “How Can They Get Away With This”, well here is their disclaimer on what you need to do to have a chance at a prize that doesn’t exist.

Fake SWA 3

Ask yourself, do you wish to give someone on a site not authorized by SWA your info

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Copy of your ID

Final Thought 

If it sounds too good to be true, it will be. Remember to always do your research before giving up any info.  In this post, we show the link for the site on the post, but we have not and will not link to it.  We don’t recommend you even visit it.



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