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Seems FB Is Having An Issue (Again!)

So it looks like Facebook is having an issue again. Multiple reports that people are seeing an error message that THIS CONTENT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, when trying to select sort in the News Feed. This post will go over what we know, so far. Seems FB Is Having An Issue (Again!)

For starters, when is Facebook not have some sort of issue. With that being said, this issue will give you plenty of material to complain about. Especially if you believe in Facebook conspiracy. We are posting about the issue, as we have been able to reproduce it, so this is not just you who is having it.

The Facebook Issue

If you try and sort the News Feed section of Facebook, you will get an error message. As seen in the video where we were able to reproduce the issue


Key Points To Make Note Of

  • This only seems to be happening with the News Feed section
  • You don’t have to click on the sort function (the 3 dots). Error happens just by passing the cursor over the 3 dots)
  • The error says

Facebook Error Msg

  • If you click close to the error and then go back to the soft function (the 3 dots), you can click but it doesn’t work. You just get the spinning wheel.

FB sort error

The question to ask, is Facebook making a change to its sort feature? Obviously we don’t have the  answer yet and Facebook being Facebook may not acknowledge this as an issue. Let us know what you think, by voting in our poll

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Temporary Workaround

If you still want to sort your Facebook News Feed in chronological order, just use the following address

Adding the ?sk=h_chr to the end of your FB link, is what happens when you select sort by chronological order (if it was working).

(Not) Final Thought

This is an issue that we have reached out to Facebook to see if they explain why it is happening. So this is not the final thought on this issue.  If you are seeing this error as well let us know.

Seems FB Is Having An Issue (Again!)

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