Setting Up Corp Zoom Account

Zoom offers cloud based video conferencing. The company offers both individual and corporate accounts. Today’s post will go over the steps required to set up Zoom if you are a corporate account users.

Setting Up Zoom

Zoom Main Page

Initially all users will access Zoom via the Zoom website (, the difference for corporate users comes when attempting to sign into the site. Everyone will click Sign in, however this is where things change for corporate users.

Zoom Sign In

  • users will log in with your business email account
  • user will log in with the Active Directory password, which is the same password you use to log into your computer or your corporate wifi (you DONT use your email password)

Once you log in on zoom, you will get a 2nd log in prompt. On this 2nd prompt you will log in again with your business email and your AD account, just like the 1st log-in.

SSO Login

Once you have logged in on the 2nd log in prompt, you will be on the Zoom page.  From there, scroll to the very bottom of the page, where you will see the choices to download the Meeting client, Browser Extension, and Outlook Plug-in.

Zoom Download

This will give you the programs you need to start meetings, and control invites via Outlook.


That ends the steps needed to set-up Zoom.



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