Simple Way To Add The Start Menu To Windows 8

Windows 8 has now been available for a couple of weeks, and the BIGGEST complaint I get from clients is the missing start menu. It just seems that some things are just not that easy to do without. Since August 24, 1995, when Windows 95 was released, people have had a start menu until now. Here is a review of the Windows Start Menu and a simple way to add the start menu to Windows 8

  • The Windows 95 Start Menu

  • The Windows 98 Start Menu

  • The Windows 2000 start menu

  • The Windows XP Start Menu


  • The Windows 7 Start Menu

  • The Windows 8 Tile Screen

The way Windows 8 and the tile screen were designed, all the settings that people know are still there, however, they are not where most people are used to. The lack of a start menu just makes that change abundantly clear. So for those who would be more comfortable with a start menu and settings that look like what you have had since 1995 here is a simple and short procedure to add a start menu to Windows 8.

Adding The Start Menu

From the desktop browser in Windows 8, visit the Ninite website. Once on the Ninite website, scroll 2/3 of the way down the page and look under the Utilities section for Classic Start.

  • Select Class Start and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Get Installer

  • Lastly you will see a pop up asking you to run or save (depending on what browser you are using). Just click Run.

Once you have done that, the installer will do the rest and when it completes you will have the Start Menu back on Windows 8


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