Direct Message On Web Instagram

For those who like to stay in touch via The Gram, you now have a new tool at your disposal. Instagram has added the ability to direct message users from the website. Today’s post is a quick FYI to being able to DM


PSA – Don’t Do Those Social Media Question Posts

Everyone who is on social media has seen them at some point.  The “this looks like fun, answer the following questions” posts, that are regularly seen on your social media feeds. This post will review why you shouldn’t be answering the questions.

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Yes FB, Insta, and FB Messenger Having Issues

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone in the USA.  For everyone trying to post family gathering or just doing their daily visit of Facebook, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), or Facebook Messenger you may be having issues. No it isn’t your computer, its Facebook.


How Long Have You Been On Instagram Today

Here is an interesting “Did You Know” about Instagram.  Did you know that you can track how long you have used instagram, on a daily basis, over the past 7 days? Yep, for those who may need to confirm if they are addicted to Instagram or need to check and see if their loved one (IE kids) are addicted, Instagram …


Instagram Adding Archiving Picture Option

For those of you who use Instagram on a regular basis, have you ever wondered “Wish I could save this picture to Instagram without letting everyone see it”? Well if you have ever thought that (or something like that), Instagram has now given you that option. Up to now Instagram was focused only on letting share photos, with the release of …

College Admissions Officers Check Social Media According To New Survey

If you’re a parent of a teenagers, and are having discussions with your kids about life after high school, also known as the college talk, you may want to include the warning that what your kids post of social media could possibly affect their ability college admission. Kaplan Test Prep recently did a survey of nearly 400 college admissions officers, …