PSA – Don’t Do Those Social Media Question Posts

Everyone who is on social media has seen them at some point.  The “this looks like fun, answer the following questions” posts, that are regularly seen on your social media feeds. This post will review why you shouldn’t be answering the questions.

How To: Turn On 2 Factor Auth Twitter

In the continuing push to make sure you have the knowledge to protect your online accounts, today we give you the information you need to protect your Twitter account. Today’s post will cover How To: Turn On 2 Factor Authentication for Twitter.

College Admissions Officers Check Social Media According To New Survey

If you’re a parent of a teenagers, and are having discussions with your kids about life after high school, also known as the college talk, you may want to include the warning that what your kids post of social media could possibly affect their ability college admission. Kaplan Test Prep recently did a survey of nearly 400 college admissions officers, …