De Zoom a Zoombombing (Cómo prevenir)

Zoom es una de las formas más populares de mantenerse en contacto. Desafortunadamente, la configuración predeterminada en Zoom podría exponerlo a problemas. La publicación de hoy incluye los cambios que necesita hacer en Zoom.

From Zoom to Zoombombing (How To Prevent)

*Updated April 23rd 2020* Zoom is one of the most popular ways to stay in touch. Unfortunately, the default settings in Zoom could expose you to problems. Today’s post include the changes you need to make in Zoom.

Zoom Changes Due To Zoombombing

With all of that is going on in the world, video conferencing has become the way to keep in touch. Zoom is quickly becoming to de-facto video conference choice. Unfortunately, due to some “bad people”, Zoom is changing some default security settings

Setting Up Corp Zoom Account

Zoom offers cloud based video conferencing. The company offers both individual and corporate accounts. Today’s post will go over the steps required to set up Zoom if you are a corporate account users.