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Yes FB, Insta, and FB Messenger Having Issues

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone in the USA.  For everyone trying to post family gathering or just doing their daily visit of Facebook, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), or Facebook Messenger you may be having issues. No it isn’t your computer, its Facebook. Here is what we know Yes FB, Insta, and FB Messenger Having Issues

Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger Issues

According to Down Detector, the 3 sites are all reporting intermittent issues. Some of the reports list

“It is working somewhat here in the mountains of Southern California but I cannot load videos right now.”

“In Texas. Some Facebook newsfeed working, but all items such as “Groups”, “Friends”, “Saved items”, etc not available, do not even show up as a heading.”

and the current Down Detector map show

FB Down map 11/2019

The issues seem to be intermittent, and one thing we have noticed, when the website did not work, the apps on the phone and tablet (iOS and Android) still worked.  Facebook has acknowledged the issues and say they are “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible”

Facebook Issues Funny

While Facebook users have been struggling with the issues, Twitter users have been posting messages like


Yes FB, Insta, and FB Messenger Having Issues



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